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ACTICOAT 7 DAY 15X15CM (66000797)        BOX/5

ACTICOAT 7 DAY 15X15CM (66000797) BOX/5

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Acticoat 7: A dressing utilizing advanced silver technology to help create an optimal wound environment.
- Rayon/polyester core helps manage moisture level and control silver release.

- Silver-coated high-density polyethylene mesh facilitates the passage of silver through the dressing.

- The nanocrystalline coating of pure silver delivers antimicrobial barrier activity within 30 minutes - faster than other forms of silver.

- NUCRYST Pharmaceutical's antimicrobial technology is able to produce silver-coated polyethylene films that can release an effective concentration of silver over several days. Thus, as silver ions are consumed, additional silver is released from the dressing to provide an effective antimicrobial barrier. This patented silver-based antimicrobial technology can be applied to a wide range of medical devices including wound dressings, certain types of catheters and various implants to prevent infection. This technology was first applied to burn wound dressings because burns present a very severe risk of infection.

- Delivers fast-acting, long-lasting antimicrobial barrier control.

- Effective barrier which may assist in preventing contamination of the wound.

- Laboratory studies show that the ACTICOAT 7 dressing kills micro-organisms faster than conventional products such as silver sulfadiazine (1 percent cream) or silver nitrate (0.5%) solution. It has also been shown in-vitro to provide protection against more than 150 pathogens.

- ACTICOAT 7 is versatile. The dressings can be cut to the desired shape and size to wrap around all body parts.

- The sustained release of silver also means fewer dressing changes, resulting in less exposure of the wound bed to the environment. This reduces the risk of infection, which lowers hospital costs.

- ACTICOAT 7 is cost-effective because it can be left on wounds for up to 7 days.
ACTICOAT 7 Antimicrobial Barrier Dressing is an effective barrier to bacterial penetration. The barrier function of the dressing may help reduce infection in partial and full thickness wounds including decubitus ulcers, venous stasis ulcers, diabetic ulcers, first- and second-degree burns, and donor sites. ACTICOAT 7 dressings may be used over debrided and grafted partial thickness wounds.

 Product Code: 16369SM

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