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Surgical Scalpel Blades & Disposable Blades

At McFarlane, we stock an extensive range of scalpel blades for surgical needs Australia wide. We offer medical blades in traditional shapes as well as unique designs with precision specificity. Our range of blades are crafted to accurately incise skin as well as muscle. All surgical blades are made from premium quality stainless steel and extensively tested to ensure a benign side effect and allergy profile. We source these disposable blades from trusted names in the surgical supply industry. Such brands include Razormed, Kai, B. Braun, and more.

The scalpel blades are sterile packed and ready for the immediate use.

We offer a holistic range of medical blades for every surgical incision. Choose unique scalpel handles designed to hold your surgical blades securely, allowing for enhanced precision. Our exclusive range of surgical scalpels also includes biopsy blades and post-mortem blades. Learn more about our scalpels and explore our medical blades portfolio below that can fit your surgical requirements:

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