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McFarlane supplies a vast range of lancets and lancet devices to the Australian health industry. All our lancets are safety-engineered to avoid accidental fingersticks and ensure excellent infection control. You can operate these devices and supplies hassle-free with minimal training. The lancets are for single use, and most of our lancets come with features that prevent reuse or reload, keeping the safety of patients and health professionals as priority. The lancets are designed to ensure minimal to no pain to the patients while lancing.

As one of the leading lancet suppliers in Australia, we also provide lancet guns, traditional lancets, different types of lancet devices, and much more. We offer the lancets and lancet devices of industry leading brands, including Accu-Check, Bayer, Unistik, Medilance, etc. We directly source the lancets from the makers, and this enables us to offer the products at highly competitive prices. Explore more to learn the features and benefits of our range of lancets and lancet devices.

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