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Nasopharyngeal Airway Guedels

We offer a range of airway guedels for hospitals and clinics across Australia. Our high performing range of devices assist medical professionals in opening and maintaining the airways of patients when blocked. Our range of airway guedels are available in different sizes, ranging from 50 mm to 120 mm. The range provides airway guedels for patients from infants to large adults. The airway guedels come with different colour codes to assist health professionals in identification.

The guedels are designed to provide the patients with an unobstructed oropharyngeal airway when they are unconscious or under general anaesthesia. The devices have rounded atraumatic edges for hassle-free and painless insertion and breathing. All the airway guedels are disposable and individually wrapped. These guedels are made from semi-rigid polyethylene plastic and do not contain latex components. We source the guedels from industry leading healthcare companies while offering all products at competitive rates. Explore our airway guedel product pages to learn more about how the device revolutionises your treatment delivery.

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