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3M Bair Huggers Australia

McFarlane stocks and supplies high-quality Bair Hugger warming units and blankets. The convective temperature management system helps the patients to maintain optimal body temperature. Our single-use disposable warming units provide better recovery for the patient with the optimal body temperature post-surgery. Our Bair Hugger product range includes blankets for the full body, lower boy, upper body, paediatric boxes, and more. We also offer hose caps for the Bair Hugger units.

The Bair Hugger units offer excellent temperature monitoring capabilities that help health professionals prevent the development of hypothermia during or after the surgery. It also avoids the risks of excess blood loss and adverse cardiac events. We source the Bair Hugger warming units from 3M which developed the medical device in 1987 and offer them to hospitals and clinics at competitive prices. Browse our category of Bair Huggers and explore the features and the technology options they provide to make your treatment delivery safe and better.

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