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Medical Blood Collection Chairs

We offer specially-designed blood collection chairs that meet the procedural, safety, and patient care requirements of the Australian healthcare industry. Our medical chair ensures safe and efficient blood sampling and collection, without any strain to patients. The stable, sloping armrests provide correct ergonomic posture for patients during the blood sampling and collection procedure. The chair also has a non-slip step or foot-rest to ensure ease of access for the patients. The elevated seat height helps the healthcare professionals to collect the blood without hindrance.

The chair has the dimension of 800 x 1050 x 750mm and is available with powder-coated finishes. Featuring a sturdy design, they are made from superior quality metal alloy for high strength. We also offer rubber tips to protect the floors as well as carpets. The tips are made from high-grade rubber and firmly fit on medical chairs. Learn more about our blood collection chairs and see how you can make blood collection at your hospital or clinic simpler and easier.

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