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Medical Examination Couches & Beds

McFarlane offers a range of medical examination couches and accessories to healthcare clinics and hospitals across Australia. Offering examination couches in varying designs, including cabinet couches, you may choose fully-electric, partially-electric, and manual couches from our product portfolio based on your clinical requirements. The couches offer versatility to adjust the height, backrest, and footrest and move around using the wheels. The beds and couches have a sturdy design and ensure maximum comfort for your patients while offering a smooth performance.

The cabinet couches are designed to fit the requirements of small clinics that require both storage and clinical space. The couches and accessories are made from high-quality stainless steel, foam cushioning, and impact-resistant colour boards. Our couches and accessories provide reliable clinical performance while showing excellent durability. The electric adjustment systems for height, footrest, and headrest provide vibration-free, smooth performance. We also offer side rails for OmegaE couches. Explore further on our product pages and choose your product to give an advanced diagnosis and treatment experience to your patients.


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