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McFarlane offers IV poles and stands to hospitals, clinics and private patients across Australia. The poles feature sturdy four-legged base with wheels for movability. All IV poles and stands are of durable steel construction and come with multiple hooks. The products have excellent versatility, and you can adjust the height based on the requirements of your patients. The poles feature push-pins and locking collars for hassle-free height adjustment. The removable hooks of the pole make it more flexible to the clinical demands.

The IV poles and stands have a design that reduces the risks of tipping and provides excellent strength and durability. The rubber wheels ensure the smooth movement of the IV poles on the floor. You have the option to choose IV poles with two and four prongs based on the medical requirements. Learn more about our IV poles and stands by visiting the product pages. It is simple, portable, and sturdy, and can make the administering of intravenous fluids to your patients a more seamless process.

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