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Nebuliser Masks, Tubing & Nebulizer Supplies

McFarlane supplies a market leading range of nebuliser masks and tubing to individuals, hospitals, and clinics across Australia. The masks and tubing are designed for inhaled medications, including lung disease treatments and surgical therapies. We offer nebuliser supplies in different sizes to fit the needs of patients from infants to adults. The masks and tubes are for single use and are designed to reduce drug wastage. The products also leave minimal residual volume. The nebulisers show a driving gas flow rate range of 4 - 8 L/min.

The masks are made from soft vinyl materials and do not feature latex and offer excellent visualisation for the patients. The masks feature nose bridges and feathered edges to provide extra comfort while tightly fitting to the face of the patients. The design of the masks ensures a larger surface area for enhanced capillary action. Explore our nebuliser supplies to learn the benefits in detail. You can ensure better drug administration for your patients using these products.

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