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Oxygen Masks, Tubing & Hoses 

McFarlane supply an extensive range of oxygen masks, tubes, and hoses and are available in varying sizes designed to fit infants and adults. The masks and accessories are available to individuals, clinics, and hospitals across Australia. All products are made from excellent quality vinyl resins to ensure strength, durability, and comfort. The design ensures protection for patients from toxins and odours, as the clear vinyl mask provides excellent visibility to patients. The mask also features smooth, feathered edges to provide comfort for people and reduce irritation ?? highly helpful when patients need to use the mask for long hours.

The oxygen masks feature adjustable elastic straps and are latex free with a choice of tubes or hoses. Also available are various accessories, including pressure line adaptors and breathe right nasal strips. You can learn more about our masks and accessories by exploring the product pages. The oxygen masks, tubes, and other accessories are designed to take your treatment delivery to an advanced level.

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