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Patient Transfer Slide Boards

McFarlane offers a range of patient transfer slides and boards to the hospitals and clinics of Australia. Both our slides and boards ensure ultimate patient comfort and safety during transfer. The slides and boards have a smooth upper surface to facilitate an easy transfer, without any resistance. The products are made from durable, lightweight materials and aid in transferring patients between table, ambulance stretcher, and shower trolley. The boards and slides are designed to transfer a patient in less than 60 seconds with a minimal number of caregivers.

These patient transfer options also come with a design that does not need any lifting, alleviating the risk of workplace injuries for caregivers. The patient transfer slides and boards also show anti-microbial, fire retardant, and water-resistant characteristics. You can clean these products by washing with detergents or any aqueous based disinfectant. Learn more about the features as well as benefits of our patient transfer slides and boards by visiting the product pages. 

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