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At McFarlane, we source and supply market leading medical and hospital scales to the healthcare sector Australia wide. Our product offerings include digital scales, mechanical scales, scales for babies, electronic scales, and medical BMI scales. The hospital scales offer a design that ensures ease of use and handling. We source our hospital scales from industry leaders, including SECA and Well Being Digital. The products are manufactured to the highest quality standards and showcase excellent durability. All the scales have platforms with non-slip surfaces.

You can choose the hospital scales based on the weight capacity you require ?? up to 200 kg. Products like digital scales for babies and medical BMI scales provide comprehensive weight results. The digital scales for babies come with a weighing tray to weigh babies securely and safely and features a breast-milk-intake-function to check the quantity of milk the baby consumes. Learn more about our range of hospital scales by exploring the product pages.

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