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Theatre Stools

We supply high-quality operating theatre stools hospitals across Australia. The stools have seamless cushion tops, provide excellent comfort and ease of use for surgeons. The stools come with a sturdy design and manufactured from high-quality, surgical-rated materials. The manufacturing standards ensure durability and strength for the stools while offering optimum sanitisation and hygiene. You can rotate the stool in 360 degrees and adjust the height based on your operation theatre requirements ?? from 530 ?? 710 mm.

The stool top has minimal stitches to help with the easy cleaning. The stool comes without a backrest to help the surgeons to focus on surgical procedure. It has five castor rollers to ensure excellent mobility for the surgeons during the surgery. The rollers are made from rubber to provide a smooth performance on the floor, without any scratches and sound. The stool is designed to help the physicians to complete surgeries unimpeded. Learn more about the theatre stools by exploring the product page. Take advantage of Australia wide delivery.

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