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Medical Ultrasonic Cleaners

Choose McFarlane Medical the medical equipment professionals for your medical ultrasonic cleaners and testers. Our product range includes SonoCheck ultrasonic testers, ultrasonic cleaner with basket and lid, and Ultrasonitest tester kits. The ultrasonic cleaners ensure efficient cleaning of various surgical and medical instruments. The cleaners are designed to offer optimal cleaning that removes microorganisms and dirt from the hard-to-reach areas of medical instruments, including hinges, crevices, grooves, and joints. With the efficient use of ultrasonic cleaners, you can minimise infection incidents in the hospital environment.

The ultrasonic testers help you to test the effectiveness and efficiency of your ultrasonic cleaners. It is a highly affordable choice for checking ultrasonic activity, with colour changes highlighting the need for attention. The Ultrasonitest tester kit is an alternate option for testing the effectiveness of your ultrasonic cleaner. The tester kit comes with a U.S.T disk that can give guaranteed results for 60 uses. Learn more about ultrasonic cleaners and testing products by browsing specific product pages. Order today for Australian wide delivery. 

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