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McFarlane offers a comprehensive range of ophthalmic equipment and supplies to ophthalmologists Australia wide. Our product range includes nucleus manipulators, various anaesthesia needles, capsule polishers, cortex extractors, hydrodissectors, irrigators, vitreoretinal tools, and more. 

We also supply an extensive range of microsurgical accessories, including surgical glides, fluid filters, eye shields, surgical absorbent kits and blue markers. We focus on providing holistic ophthalmic supplies and instruments to the healthcare professionals of Australia.


We source proven, high-quality optical supplies and equipment from leading innovators in the ophthalmic instruments industry. These premium quality instruments are known for producing optimal treatment results for patients. Arm your practice with the ability and tools to deliver advanced ophthalmic diagnosis and treatment solutions. We supply all our optical equipment at competitive prices, with an extensive after-sales service available. Explore our product portfolio and learn how our instruments will help you in providing optimal ophthalmic treatments to your patients.

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