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 Discover our wide range of cannulas developed to cater to the needs of physicians across Australia. The cannulas are expertly designed and developed to meet specific needs, including, differing sizes, angles, and colours to address various surgical needs. All our cannulas and products are made from solid stainless steel which limits the risk of potential side effects. The cannulas feature a no irrigant touch surface, which lowers both allergy and toxicity to the patient via the hands of healthcare professionals.


We supply specialised cannulas for hydrodissection, anterior chambers, sub-tenon, and other clinical purposes. Our product range also features irrigating cystotomes, ptosis suspensions, and polisher capsules. We undertake extensive tests and follow stringent quality measures while sourcing our products of choice. If you are an ophthalmologist or a healthcare professional, you will find our affordable cannulas and healthcare tools of the highest standard and functionality. Explore our range of cannulas online or for further details call on 03 9836 7777 to see how they may fit your surgical and diagnostic needs.


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